J.E.E.P. Shop USA Inc. offers services on any Chrysler® Jeep® Dodge® vehicle.offered but not limited to . . .

> 6Bay Shop Meeting All Your Jeep® Needs

> New & Used Parts & Accessories

> Jeep Brand, After Market, Name Brands & Custom
> Jeep
® Chrysler®Dodge® Upgrades

> Computerized and experienced Tech Diagnostics
> Engine & Drive-Train Conversions/Upgrades
> Rebuilds & Replacements

We service all Jeep® Chrysler® Dodge®, “Every Year, Every Model, No Boundaries”, Regardless of the type of service you require, whether you need maintenance, repairs, conversions, fabrication, or accessory installation, J.E.E.P. Shop USA Inc.'s Service Department is comprised of a group of astounding, talented and creative technicians, fabricators and craftsmen. Specializing in stock Jeeps with a full gamut of knowledge and skill, we are equipped to make your Jeep® suitable for you, your taste, and wildest dreams. J.E.E.P. Shop USA Inc.'s top quality technicians are trained and skilled to accommodate any type of problem that may arise with your jeep in an efficient and precise manner.

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Looking to purchase a previously owned Jeep®

Together with Auto Express of Jacksonville we have used Jeep® sales on this site. Plus our combined team has the resources to look, find and prep a used Jeep® in a fashion you can count on. You give us your wish list, we locate and we bring her home. Our knowledgeable techs give her the work over making sure your "new" Jeep® is tight as a whistle and has all the add-ons you request. What can be better than a custom ordered used Jeep®, within the budget you set?

​Check out the store. If we currently do not have anything of interest to you, fill out our form and let us know what you prefer. In either event, we look forward to working with you and your Jeep®.

> Repair & Maintenance

>Roll Cage Factory & Custom

> Armour Factory & Custom

> Soft Tops & Hard Tops, Factory & Custom
> Media Blasting
> Powder Coating

> Detailing

> Transmission Services, Rebuilds & Replacements

> Death Wobble Repair/Cure

> AC/Heating System Repair

> Electrical & Computer Issues

> Wheels & Tires

> Evaluations of Jeep® purchase

> Dealership Sales & Brokering on Premises

The Shop Services include Maintenance, Repair, Conversions, Fabrications & Accessories

A Specialty and Custom Jeep Garage . . .

J.E.E.P. Shop USA Inc. is designed for the individual. We typically do not stock like our neighboring "stores". Everything we do is geared toward the individual desire, preferences and personality. Most items we can have for you by next day, unless you like really unique creative "stuff" — then it may take a little longer, BUT our loyal customers believe everything we do is worth the wait.

Looking for used, the old and difficult to find Jeep parts and etc.?

We stock some items, and are always having more drop in our lap. Plus we have unlimited access to plenty. If you are looking for "that particular something" for your seasoned pride and joy, it always pays to send us your requirements and check with us.