The Low Country Mud Rats Jeep Club —

The Low Country Mud Rats Jeep Club is a family oriented club out of Savannah, GA and the surrounding areas. The Low Country Mud Rats Jeep Club is a social group for the purpose of getting like minded Jeep® enthusiasts together to enjoy the "Jeep Life" and do some wheeling. We are a family-oriented club. Most of our members have families, which include children of all ages, that are welcome at all the club events. So we encourage you to bring your kids with you to enjoy the Jeep® life, comradery, and the great outdoors. The Low Country Mud Rats Jeep Club has been around since 2000 and was started by a few Jeepers that wanted to meet and wheel with fellow Jeep owners in the Savannah, Georgia area. Our members range from the casual Jeepers, who love trail rides or just Jeeps themselves, to the more experienced Jeepers, who enjoy going the extra mile, like rock climbing, mudding, or climbing hills. The club is open to all models of Jeeps (JK, TJ, YJ, CJ, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Comanche, J Truck, etc.). Our members have a variety of Jeep® builds (some more than one), from stock to the very extreme.

Matanzas Jeep Club is Northeast Florida’s most versatile Jeep® Club. We’re made up of a bunch of Jeep®-lovin’ folks who spend their time dreaming of the big rocks we don’t have here on the First Coast. But where there’s a will, there’s a way… Sometimes we have a big barbeque and other times we trek south or north a little ways and have a blast doing what Jeeps® do best – four wheel!

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Eight Flags Jeep Club is a family friendly, civic oriented Jeep® club with over 100 members, sponsored by Rick Keffer Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep.  Most of our members drive Jeep Wranglers, but any Jeep vehicle is welcome.  A lot of our activities revolve around our beautiful beach here on Amelia Island, but we also involve ourselves with beach & river clean-ups, the Adopt-A-Highway program, local parades & charities as well as other Jeep® events around Florida & Georgia.

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266 Airport Road
Starke, FL 32091

Mid Florida Jeep Club —

The Mid Florida Jeep Club is a family oriented Jeep® club organized to bring family and friends together. We offer monthly trail rides and dine outs as well as attending other events such as poker runs and charity events throughout the state. We occasionally participate in out-of-state trail rides and events also. As a member, you are welcome to attend any and all events. As a non-profit club, we have a strong emphasis on raising funds to support local charities, providing help where needed. Jeep Beach (, one of the largest Jeep gatherings in the country, is our largest annual fund raiser! Through the generosity of our Jeep Beach Sponsors and Attendees we are able to support many local Volusia and Flagler County charities. Although it takes a lot of work and dedication, the reward is absolutely worth it.

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The Firm — Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park —

430 Acres Including: Over 10 Miles of Off-Roading Trails
Beginner and Advanced
Mud Holes
Climbing Hills
Articulation Obstacles
1.6 Mile Road Course 14 miles of re-configurable rally stages

Half Mile Karting Track Exotic Car Experiences

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