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I have a 05 jeep wrangler 4.0 couple months ago it started jerking and would die while riding down the road changed camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, throttle pos-sensor ran fine for couple weeks then right back to the same thing for a day or two. With no repairs this time it straightened itself out now a month and 1/2 later it's doing it again....oh and also changed out opda....please help

Without knowing the DTC's it would be difficult to say. It is consistent with the parts that you changed out, but it could also be fuel related (goes back to DTC's). Make sure that anytime you replace electrical sensors that you use original dealer replacements for best results, one of those could be defective.

My 2010 JK transmission grinds between gears while shifting, what would that be?
Most likely badly worn/failing synchronizers.

I have a 2007 Jeep JKU and have been debating if I should upgrade my lift or install lockers first. I currently have a Pro Comp budget boost and would like to get a lift that does not have the spacers but actual lift springs. Which would you suggest I do first upgrade the lift or install lockers and if I do lockers first should I focus on the front or rear first to save some initial up front cost??
If you're wheeling much go with lockers first, if not go with the lift. I recommend Zone as a budget friendly option or JKS. There are several good options for lockers that won't break the bank as well.

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My 2007 WK went straight into Limp mode after performing a gear swap to 4:11 ratio. It seems to be stuck in first gear. I used a programmer to calibrate all of the new settings?
Start with making sure that your calibrator/programmer has the most current firmware update available for your exact make/model.

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Phil asks: Looking to purchase 2006 Rubicon. CARFAX says front collision with airbag deployment back in 2008. Current owner had last two years, didn't know history, has had no issues and see no evidence on damage or repair. Very clean overall. Concerns, and what to look for? 

There are many variables, and of course you always want to be careful of rust. Things can be deceiving and difficult to explain everything you need to look for. We offer two types of reviews for people in your position. 1) You can call ahead of time, and make sure the Guru is available to look over your Jeep. This is free of charge and done in the parking lot, with a walk around..

I have a 2017 Jeep Wangler Unlimited Sport, and I'm looking at putting a 4" pro comp lift and 35" tires underneath it. Would I be ok keeping the 3.21 ratio it currently has? Or would it be necessary to step up to 3.73, or 4.11?
I Would not recommend a Pro Comp Lift on a JKU
Trail Rig 4:88     DD 4:56     Sluggish DD 4:10
You will also need a carrier change in the front diff as the 3:21 will not work. For JEEP Shop upgrade of all parts and labor give us a call, ask for Jan. We have your quote waiting.

My Jeep® 2004 TJ has "Death Wobble", what causes it and can you repair it?
There can be any number of contributors, but usually it will be faulty/worn front suspension components. Keep in mind I said a "number of contributors", feel free to stop by our shop for a diagnosis to properly address your particular issue.

Does your shop offer engine conversions, engine rebuilds, transmissions and transfer cases rebuild/upgrades?
Yes and most are done with a limited warranty.

I have a clicking sound coming from underneath my 2012 JKU, any ideas? It's lifted 4" and has 35"'s on it, with no other upgrades.
There can be any number of contributors, but it can often be the universal joints, brake calipers, loose parts etc.