How on earth did this happen?

Just Everybody Else's Parts Shop USA, is true to it's name . . .

For two years Jan & Ben searched for the right spot, when they came upon ”the” building. Owned by a long time friend and business associate of Ben’s, things suddenly began to fall in place, and in October of 2015, the vision began to get real. The following eight months were spent on this neglected site, and while the structure was sound and able there was plenty of cleaning and refocusing to do. On an extremely tight budget and creative ideas Jan & Ben spent many hours drawing and redrawing their vision. With Ben’s knowledge of all Jeeps from historical relics to today’s high-end electronics they never lost focus on what their gut knew to be true. “Recycle, Refurbish, Repurpose” became their goal throughout the business concept.

And so it began — Family, friends and generous helpers threw in their bodies, backbone, talents, expertise and skills helping make a dream possible. Ironically, this couple wanted an old warehouse feel and what they got was good old fashion “barn raising” help that reached beyond expectations. And typical for Jan, she states “We still aren’t done”; Ben agrees, “It’s a continuous adventure”.

Almost everything used to re-purpose this building, is exactly that! Barely a new thing in the concept, Jan & Ben cleverly thought this out with a few last minute throw in’s here and there. When you walk in you are stepping back in time, complete with a pull chain toilet and a copper pail for a sink — but not without today’s technology. No grease, no mess, no smells, you simply feel at home, expecting your grandfather in his plaid shirt and overalls, to walk around the corner of the counter and greet you. But instead JEEP Shop USA has a team of knowledgeable, talented and skilled technicians and craftsmen eager to bring your vision for your Jeep to reality.

“We are kind of like kids in a candy shop on a daily basis. We are doing what we love, to what we love, because we simply love Jeeps.“Every Year, Every Model, No Boundaries”! Come in and let’s exceed your expectations for your Jeep
® today — We look forward to meeting you!


The J.E.E.P. Shop USA is Jacksonville's Creative Jeep® Shop for the Unique & Individual Jeep® Owner

J.E.E.P. Shop USA is an independent Jeep garage, located in Jacksonville, Florida. We provide Jeep® repairs, maintenance, conversions, upgrades and accessories for the individual Jeep® owner. A woman owned and family run Jeep® specialty garage, focusing on Jeep® owners, your desires and needs for your Jeep® and making it a unique, one of a kind fit. Creating a specialized 4x4 of your very own is what we do.

“Every Year, Every Model, No Boundaries” . . . Applying numerous years of experience, our team patiently researches your need, deeply considers your situation, pursues a creative solution, and expertly makes it real. Every situation is exclusive with each Jeep® taking on it’s own, and your, personality. All Jeep® owners deserve their right for independence and individuality. We offer you many options, providing you with any or many choices to suite your needs. We take pride in our craft, innovative ideas and designs created especially for you and never exactly duplicated twice.

At J.E.E.P. Shop USA we are insanely dedicated and “All About Jeepin' ".We are here and ready to get started on your Jeep® transformation.

Want to plan out your project?

Simply to visit J.E.E.P. Shop USA is a one-of-a-kind unique garage experience. What once was a nearly abandoned tire dealership garage, is now a thriving Jeep® specialty shop, separate from the rest. Focused on reviving, recycling, repurposing and repairing Jeeps, of “Every Year, Every Model, No Boundaries” is a motto this shop exemplifies. Making Jeeps individual to each Jeep® owner is exactly in keeping with what owner Jan and her husband Ben had in mind when they began to develop the idea of reviving Ben’s previous “The Jeep Shop” located near downtown Jacksonville, into JEEP® Shop USA.